Where can I find a cute bag for someone who's not girly?

I can’t find a bag anywhere. I need one to carry my iPad, iPod and notebooks etc. Not necessarily for school. I need one that would go with jeans and casual clothes. Not a fancy bag or anything. Oh, and I like the long shoulder kind of bags :)

Answer #1

Get a vintage satchel?

Answer #2

Thesak.com Great store, too bad I can’t buy anything from there without thr $50 international shipping.

Answer #3

target… marshalls…walmart…anything like that:)

Answer #4

target… marshalls…walmart…anything like that:)

Answer #5

Zumiez(: oooor hot topic

Answer #6

Well it depends on what you mean by “girly”… Long shoulder kind of bags? You can check out Bently bags, they’ve got a variety of bags to choose from. I personally love the bags they carry at H&M.

Answer #7

hot topic or spencer’s at the mall :)

Answer #8

Ebay! :]

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