Where do women with very small feet find heels?

I need a 4.5 in womens shoes, and ive been looking everywhere but literally no one sells shoes that small. Do you know of any place in Massachusetts that would sell that size?

Answer #1

You can try online. Polyvore.com, yesstyle.com

Answer #2

What size are your feet?

Answer #3

I wear size 4 or 5 depends on the brand so I get what your saying. I just look in the kids section haha they have some cute shoes there. Also The nordstrom rack sells awesome shoes for cheap :D

Answer #4

I go to shoedazzle online store and I go to DSW shoes and Off Broadway Shoes. In heels I am a size 5 5.5 or 6 so I feel ur pain also babyphat makes really cute heels I got off their website.

Answer #5

She said a size 4.5

Answer #6

I live in MA too so yeah. Also off broadway has this thing u stick in ur heel if u bought your shoes a half size too big. I use them they work great and they add extra cushion to ur soles they sell them in the section with leggings

Answer #7

oh sorry my bad didnt read the bottom

Answer #8

I would try DSW, if you have the store down there, or go online. in different styles they have small sizes

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