What are the best things Hot Topic is selling right now?

(your opinion)

Answer #1

Vans-Blue Jewl and Black Checker Classics Slip-On’s, Charles & 1/2 red and black buffalo check plad long-sleeved woven top, Awsome = me rubber bracelet. :) Best things to me.

Answer #2

Probably band tees. That’s the only thing good they sell there..xD

Answer #3

wow all of you probably dont even know what hot topic is. a store…yah…not trending topics or something !!!BOING!!!

Answer #4

Band tees, Invader Zim, Hello Kitty, Bracelets/Pins. I love that store. I’ve notice you’ve been asking a lot of questions about “popular” “in” things, why dont you go buy things you like instead of the popular things. You should be yourself not what others want you to be.

Answer #5

i know what it is?

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