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How to survive a breakup

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Jeans for chics with a flat booty?

I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me right. I have a totally flat booty!! :(

My waist is like a size 10, but my legs are super skinny and I have no butt. All the jeans that fit me around the waist are too big in the thighs and bottom. It ...

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What is the name of the shoe company I am looking for?

I am doing a project for media...and I need to compare the ad that I have chosen to a similar ad...and I wanna comapre it to a shoe's ad..I dunno the name of the company but I know the slogan...the slogan is : " the shoes that can breath"

Any idea?


What should I buy my best friend for Christmas?

I don't know what to buy for my best friend for a Christmas gift. She is my age and pregnat but what do I get her that she can use but is not to thoughtful or that she would feel questionable about.


where can I find scene shoes and clothing?

where can I find stores that have scene sheos and clothing not online or at hot topic?


Is under armour sold in retail stores?

I was putting together my christmas list and I want a black under armour cold gear base top. but I wasn't sure where you could find them. is it just online or is under armour available in retail stores such as meijer, wal-mart etc.? Where might I find it?


Black Talon Knife

Is anyone familiar with the Cold Steel Black Talon folding knife? If so do you own one and is it worth the heavy price?


Which one vans are forces?

Which shoe would you wear more vans are forces? I wear both pluse more...wuh do you think


Should I buy Carhartt or Helly Hansen Coveralls?

In September I am taking a carpentry course where I will build a house and the website says I need coveralls, so what I need to know which is better Carhartt or Helly Hansen. I am taking the course in northern BC so I I'm looking at warmth as well as d...


peytons art

I need some good ideas to paint a ceiling tile for my school, I want it to be one of peytons art peices from one tree hill
any school appropriate ideas?


What should a 16 year old ask for xmas?

I dont no what to ask 4 for xmas!! Pleese help me by answering this question


Forever 21 Gift Card(:

Ok so I have a Forever 21 Gift card and theres not one in the mall around me. Does anyone know if or how you can use it to order stuff online or what?



How long does it take to ship from UK to Canada?

I ordered hair extensions on Ebay and I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to get from UK to Canada?


Best 10 gifts to give a 14 year old boy?

I am looking for the best 10 gifts to give a 14 year old boy. Any suggestions?

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Sequeway purchase


What is the best sequeway to purchase. And how much do they cost?



Shops Like Pacsun? That Ship Everywhere

Okay I went on holiday to orlando during the summer and found Pacsun and it's AMAZING the women told me in July that they could ship anywhere in the world but when I got home I realised that was all false.
So does anyone know any shops like Pacsun tha...


Where is the best place to buy disney princess things?

The thing is im doing my daughters bedroom in disney princess and I wanna know the best places to buy accessories like pictures, stuff for a dress up area and stuff like that, but online cheap and not to much of a delivery charge.


What are good Christmas present ideas?

Anyone doing anything nice this year for christmas? And I hope everyone has a great one ^_^ Also does anyone have any good present ideas for friends? I'm clueless =S I have to get a lot of people presents and I'm really short on money and really need ...

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What is a good printer to buy???

I need to buy a good printer, I have a brother MFC 685CW but it always breaks down whenever I need to make a last minute print for school and it has so much trouble printing paper. My price range is about $300. But can be streached depending on the qua...


What should I get my dad for his birthday?

welll my dads 50th birthday is in 5 days...and I donoo what to get him.
any suggestions? I wuldnt mind making anything eitherr
thanks =]

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How to start a small buisness?

How to start a small buisness?

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What's the best gift for Dewali?

i want to give gifts to my relatives on the occasion of Dewali. Please tell me what is the best gift for Dewali?


Birthday gift for my 16 year old boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a month now, and his birthday is coming up at the end of march. He's turning sixteen, and I have almost no idea what to get him. I don't want to get him anything sports or video game related, or a gift c...


Where to get plain long black socks?

I need help for where I could buy it at...what store


What should I send a friend who is in basic training?

I have a friend that I havent talked to in almost over a year. I decided to message him on aim and was very shocked to find out that he was in ait in georgia and had just finished basic training. His birthday is coming up and although my gift will not ...


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