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What should I get my teenage son for Christmas?

My son will be 14 next month any suggestions on christmas gifts? He has ever game system out there, the playstation, the game cube and the x-box360. The Wii is too hard to get. I really don't want this christmas for a change to be surrounded around gam...


Does anyone know where I could find SC2 PJS/shirts online?

My boyfriend is into Starcraft and I want to find him something I can give him that he'll love. If anyone knows where I could find any of that kind of stuff, thanks a lot!

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Hollister, abercrobie and fitch?

What do they sell exactly in these shops? I heard hollister sells punky stuff but what do the exactly sell?


Drop Dead Clothing

Hey does anyone here know where I can buy the "Hellz Yeah" tee shirt and the diamond drop dead tee shirt from as the website no longer sells them due to demand?


Does anyone else feel weird at Hot Topic?

ok I know this a really weird question but when ever I go to hot toppic I feel weird to try a t-shirt on or somehting on cause there is only 1 cabin thing. ANy one here who shops there and doesn't feelm wierd? I don't really know how to ask this questi...


Recommendation for Elmo gift.

Recommendation for Elmo gift. There are tons of Elmo gifts for kids these days. How does one pick?


what to get a 15 year old girl for a b-day present? :/

I really need some ideas I dont have a clue what to get her :(
we both really really like each other but are not actually going out an I might ask her soon but its her b-day on the 2nd of june and I want to get her something special :/
shes a scene k...


What do you buy a family for Christmas when you hardly know them and several members are diabetic?

So this year my boyfriends family is having christmas with his brothers girlfriends family, and its up to me to think of a good gift for the family as my boyfriend never thinks of this stuff. I have only met them once, so I dont really know a lot about...


What drawing supplies do you recommend?

I don't have many good inking pens, and the colored pencils I draw with aren't that good :( Which do you recommend?


Christmas, birthday, anniversary

I am 17 years old and in the most serious relationship I've ever been in. Next month is Christmas, two days later is Ryan's 18th birthday and the 30th is our 3 month. I really have never shopped for a guy before and I really want him to know how much h...

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How late do car dealerships stay open?

How late do car dealerships stay open?


I know it's early, but anyone got xmas ideas for a broke girl?

I start stocking Xmas presents around this time of year so I am ready when Xmas comes. I need some ideas for presents. I already have my sister a really cool wood jewelry holder that I found at goodwill. (we are super close, so she isn't going to reall...


What can I get my best friend for her birthday when I'm broke?

It is my best friends birthday and I want to get her something or do smething! I am completely broke - down to the last few ten cent pieces, what should I get her. I will have twenty dollars next week I could wait til then, but even then... what for 20...


What do I buy my wife for christmas?

Wondering if ya'll can help me - I love my wife, but she is very stressed that I am going to mess up when I get her a christmas present. Can anybody give me some good gift ideas?


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Where can I buy pokemon sliders?

Where can I buy pokemon sliders and figures,
Shops? What shops? not online,



What's a good cheap place to get a really pretty grad dress...and I can't find hot shoes that go with wide feet :'( HELP!!!

...I know it's early, but I wanna have a good idea where to go... Thanks <3


Kerli's clothes?

Does clothes from Kerli exist...if yes where?

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Where can I find fake ugg boots for cheap.

Hello, Since the fall is approaching fast, I really want a pair of boots. Kind of like Ugg boots but NOT uggs because they use sheepskin. So I was wondering what some good fake uggs are and where to buy them. I know a lot of people think they are ugly ...


Boyfriend's birthday present?

Ok guysss. So my and my boyfriend have been going out for 8 months <3 :) and his birthday is in a week..what should I get him? :)
No boxers though cause I got him some for valentines day(they were lips and had my name on the butt :) haha) anddd some fr...


Shoplifting over 2 months ago, could she get caught?

One of my friends shoplifted in a department store and got away with it, now shes really scared that somehow there going to be able to track her down, I personally have no idea what to say to her so is there any way she could get caught? And by the way...


Where can I buy overalls at?

Where can I buy overalls at? I know their old school but I want to buy them before they dont sell them anymore..


Sweet Jesus

I loved the name on the candy. Are they in production yet?


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