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what do teenage boys like for presants

ok its my boyfriends birthdaay soon and I really want to get him something nicee he is 14... I thought about getting him a chain but I dunnoo... help ??? !!
thankQ xx

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What are the cheapest and the expensive car colors?

When it comes to auto insurance, what are the cheapest and the most expensive color? And does automatic or manual make a difference?


Good gift for moms birthday?

I decided that I am getting my mom a pedicure at this pretty expensive spa, with 3 different types of face masks, a candle+incense, and a framed picture she loves of us in it
is that a good idea? Should I add anything or take anything away?
Let me know...

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What to get my boyfriend for his 18th birthday?

okay.. I am about to turn 16 and my boyfriend is turning 18. what should I get him for his birthday?? I want to go do something, but I dont know what??

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too old to go trick or treating?

Do you think I am too old to go trick or treating? I am 19 and I love to dress up and do the whole halloween thing

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How can I get condoms if I'm embarrassed?

okay, so I need to buy condoms but im too embarrassed to go to a store cashier and buy...what should I do? yes I am ready and mature for this.

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What to get my best friend for her birthday?

My best friend's birthday is tomorrow , 17th ! ... and I don't know what to get her ... well it's night here and all the shops have closed ..and I really need to find something for her ... and I want to give her something that really means something to...


Valentines ideas for my girlfriend?

somebody please help me valentines is right around da corner and im broke and I cant anything 4 my girl all I have is 5 bucks 2 my name I need some suggestions NOW ASAP!!!


Paint markers on jeans?

Does anyone know of any paint markers os anything that would stay on jeans if I drew on them? And I was hoping something that would stick out, not like sharpies where it's like part of the pants. Something that really stays on the outside.


Old ikea stock

Does anyone know where I can buy old stock from ikea that they no longer sell?


whats promo code

whats that?


Where can I buy pickle juice?

Where can I buy the juice without the pickle?


1920's STYLE dresses!

Alright, I can't find any 20's style dresses! If I do, they're all actually dresses from the 20's, and I just want dresses that have been made now, but look like they came straight out of that time. So does ANYONE know of maybe a website that where I c...


How much money should I bring to the mall?

I seriously need more stuff.. and I've been reading answers about this question.. and it all says stuff like " Bring $500 or more" and I only have like $125 to spend.. so do you think that would be enough to buy a few shirts ( no pants ) and mabye s...


How expensive is Platos Closet?

is Platos closet expensive? I need some new shirts, but I only have 20$ to spend.


Who knows if they sell pregnancy tests at gas stations?

like at a diamond shamrock or so..


Gifts for a 16 year old girl

What sort of ideas can you give me to get gifts for a 16 year old girl? This girl is headstrong and seems to only like her Ipod and her journal. Any clues where I can get some ideas or does anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me?


dont know what to get my boyfriend for christmas

I dont know what to get my boyfriend for christmas..
Everytime I ask he tells me "I dont want nothing, wha you want"
But weather he wants something or not I want to get him something.

We've been going out for 1 month and a couple weeks,

I dont have a...


Where to buy a grade 8 grad dress in Ontario??

It's pretty early, I know, but I really dont know where to but my graduation dress. I live in Ontario and I'm aloud to go to Toronto. Nothing too expensive, around $100? Thankyousomuch!!!


Should I buy a thong or G-string?

I can't decide which I should buy? PLLZ!! anwer girls and boys

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Where is a good place to buy a moped,four wheeler,atv,go kart?

Im trying to find a place were I can buy a atv,go cart,moped,four wheeler any ideaswere I can buy any of these for a good price.


59th Birthday

Hello! So my dad is turning 59 in a few days, and I haven't gotten him a present yet. We are already throwing him a party, and my sisters have already gotten him a great present. I am 14 and I have a budget of around $20. He likes golf, he is Ukrainian...


Shoplifting over 2 months ago, could she get caught?

One of my friends shoplifted in a department store and got away with it, now shes really scared that somehow there going to be able to track her down, I personally have no idea what to say to her so is there any way she could get caught? And by the way...


What store sells good clubwear?

I am not a club person but I am going to one next month. What stores in the mall or elsewhere sell good clubwear?
Thank you,


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