How can I get started in World of Warcraft?

I hear alot of people talk about it and I really want to try it. Thing is I don’t know if you buy it at Game Stop, Download it, or what. Any help?

Answer #1

You buy it at gamestop, it’s pretty expensive. & you pay like $30 a month for it. But when you buy it at gamestop it basically explains everything in the pack.

Answer #2

want an advice from an ex wow player? >_> DONT PLAY IT!! SAVE UR LIFE~!!!!!

Answer #3

Go to, create an account and you can download the game and play til level 20 for free.

Answer #4

Or, you ould just download it for free from the website and play for FREE. The only catch is thqat it limits on how high a level you can get up to. The limit is like level 50 or something. Very, very good idea.

Answer #5

I know…I FINALLY managed to kick it! Then I bought Skyrim -_-

Answer #6

I kicked the stuff last summer but been craving it!!

Answer #7

It’s 20

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