Any gamers? looking to buy a new ps3 but not sure what size GB to get

i have the first ps3 lol. i got it for free so i didnt complain, but it kinda glitches out when i play newer games on it. and im not even sure how much GB it is. so im going to buy a new one soon. does it all depend on how much you use it?

Answer #1

You should wait till November when the PS4 comes out. The PS3 could possibly get a lower price after the PS4 comes out around Black Friday. The PS4 will retail for $399 and the PS3 now cost $269. Not that much difference in price but the technology inside is way better as the PS3 still run on technology and graphics from 2006. Buy The lowest gig capacity that you can get. The ps3 has a user upgradeable hard drive. It’s on the side of it and it uses a laptop hard drive. Takes 10 minutes and one Phillips screwdriver and Sony approved. Click on the link for information on the PS4.

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