How much should I sell my Nintendo Wii for?

I’m gonna sell it kijiji. I have a white wii nintendo console (everything including the box) in mint condition practically, 1 wii controller and another wii controller but its see-through and it flashes blue, 1 nunchuck, and 4 games. how much should i sell it for??

Answer #1

more than 100 dollars

Answer #2
  1. :)
Answer #3

It’s only worth what someone has the cash to pay you for it.

Answer #4

You can pick them up for around £60 here in the UK, I sold mine and it was mint and had extra controllers and games. Prices are going down so start at like 100 and go from there.

Answer #5

If the Wii is in pretty good condition, you should sell it for 20% lesser than what you bought it for. If you sell it for more than what you originally paid, every offer will just pass you by and look for something cheaper.

I recommend putting it on eBay, you have a better chance with a deal on there.

Answer #6

i sold mine with the games for 200

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