How do you get divorced on Skyrim for Xbox 360?

Answer #1

Kill em ;) Just kidding I am not sure.

Answer #2

Haha (: well, my character is a guy, and I tried killing my wife and she won’t die! Aarggh!

Answer #3

Alright. Google it i guess :P

Answer #4

You have to kill them, essentially. And on the 360, there is no way to get remarried.

Answer #5

there is on the pc but on the xbox there is a way to divorce your wife but i dont know how to do it on the xbox

Answer #6

I think u cheat on them and then fight

Answer #7

Actually, kill your wife (you HAVE to be a werewolf) eat her body. Turn back into a person, use magic to make her a zombie or ghost like Raise dead or transform. Then kill her and she will be a pile of dust then you can get married in a different house.

Answer #8

Like move into a different house

Answer #9

Have you tried it? It worked for me before patching. It might still work.

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