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Do you think doctors sometimes recieve "kick backs" from drug companies for writing prescriptions (read more)?

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Are people taking too much medicine? The television ads for meds are endless and use the power of suggestion to play on people's psyche to try and make them "think" they need it. Especially the ones for antidepressants. Those drugs are powerful and mess with the wiring of a persons brain!! I know that clinically depressed people may really need some of them, but normal episodes of depression due to various circumstances are part of life and I wonder how many people run to the doctor and get a prescription. Another example: I took a cholesteral med for three yrs because the doc said I needed it and the side effects where terrible so i finally just stopped taking it. Six months later I had some test ran with a new doc and turns out I don't need to take it at all !! WHO is ripping off insurance companies and medicare? It's not me.