How do you use powdered pectin and gatorade to clean out the system for a drug test?

I have to pass a drug test I 20 hrs I have Gatorade and the powdered pecti
What should I do? Will it clean out opiates a
And roxi plus meth

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I don't think u can

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lol opiate abuse plus oxycodone? no way youll get that out of your system for another 3 months....
well "you done goofed"....

have to do a urine drug test and i have used crystal meth WHAT WORKS FOR A CLEAN UA?

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My friend drank a whole gallon of cranberry juice & it worked.

Pregnant I been cleaned of marijuana for 33 days will a drug test come up postitive or negative?
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Drink Cranberry juice, pinapple juice, and a crap load of water. About a gallon of each and you should be able to pass it fine

Does Niacin help you pass a drug test?

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