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Why do some doctors treat chronic pain patients like drug addicts?

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I have fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Oh and i fractured my knee over the summer because my ankles give out on me sometimes when i use the stairs. I have to be honest the last part was kind of my fault i was in a hurry and not being very careful, ops. But i moved to va w\ my mother and in richmond there are very little to know pain management clinics so i am seeing a regular physician. He made some major changes w/ my meds , some good( i take less pills now) but some i cant deal with , i have been taking 4 350mg somas a day for about 5 years now be cause i have horrible muscle spasms in my back. I take 2 after i clean the house and excersise in the morning and 2 at night before bed. He has taken away my daytime dose and given me 60 of them for a month. I onl y take 2 oxycodones a day so for pain in the middle of the day im basicaly screwed. I have started taking 4 somas again in the day and am out early. He is refusing to give me an early refill. I should not have to limit my activities in the daytime like an old person i am only 28. I also take very little meds for my conditions and have never had a problem untill now. Its very frustrating to have a doctor that is treating me this way. What should i do. If anyone lives in this area and knows of a good doctor please email me. Thankyou guys.