Is the zodiac sign true?

Answer #1

Seems like its pretty accurate for the most part. I guess it depends on what you believe.

Answer #2

It would mean that there are only twelve types of people in the world. LOL. I think it’s just entertainment. For every lazy egotistical Leo, I can find another hardworking humble individual also born under the star sign of Leo. For every s-x crazed Scorpio I can find a Scorpio who never thinks of s-x.

Answer #3

“… I can find a Scorpio who never thinks of s-x …” that’s Virgo isn’t it ?

Answer #4

No. The general personality descriptions of zodiac and the astrology predictions are so extremely vague that they will fit almost everyone to some regard. Just read all the descriptions of all zodiac signs, and then think about how much of it is true about you. For every zodiac, not just for your own. Then you will find out that they all do fit you somehow a little bit.

Answer #5

Virgo is the virgin but that doesn’t mean they never think of sex.

Answer #6

No. Not only not true, but if they WERE, the signs are different than they were when astrology started.

Answer #7

Only if you want it to be

Answer #8

to be honest i believe it 100%, i find it SO true! even with like groups of friends, certain signs work with well with other signs!

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