Why is it that people say Cancers ( the zodiac sign ) are prone to?

Like rude or mean outbbursts ? For instance, they will say mean things but they don’t necessarily have a malicious intention. People are telling me that Cancers do that. Is it true ?

Answer #1

teh, I’m Taurus, mine claims I’m materialistic and I’m not. Or at the least as much as it claims XD I’m bull headed, but it’s my nature. Supposedly we’re prone to get hot headed easily, though I find it tale a more than a moronic mistake to tick me. Though I’m heavily garded, it’s do more to a bad past than rather just being that way. It’s just astrally. Though some things may be right, throw enough darts and you’re bound to hit a bulllseye. I wouldn’t look too deep into it.

Answer #2

Because they are stupid. There is absolutely no truth to astrology and it has been proven to be bull countless times.

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