the Signs?

Zodiac signs? its so weird how peoples zodiac sign fit there personality well atleast for mine im a Cancer and it pretty much nails me on the dot. anyone else feel this way ?

Answer #1

this is true for me, my signs a scorpio :) I read my horoscope almost everyday & it usually applies to some aspect of my life, it’s pretty interesting.

Answer #2

it fits everyone..once you think about it..u can read anyones horoscope sign..and if you think it well enough you will realize that it can fit you and anyone else… those things are basically telling every month the same thing..but using different vocabulary and examples of life… ..yeah I read them to…cause I like to read the silly stupid things that supposible is me…I dont believe in it…but I read them when I get bored…

Answer #3

I believe in signs personality wise but I odnt believe daily horoscopesthere usually kind of off.

Answer #4

oh yeah! im Picese…however you spell it…lol…it fits me as well

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