Does your zodiac sign suit your personality?

Okay, so whenever you read the horiscope for your sign, does it follow what is going on in your life? Do you think that the description of your sign suits your personality? With me, the description is on, but the daily horiscope is not always, depending on who the provider is (like yahoo, the newspaper, a magazine, etc.)! If not, which sign do you think best descibes you?

Answer #1

I put no faith in my zodiac sign - I know the King of Kings is in control…Take care !!

Answer #2

lol im a libra. Im not very sympathetic.But The libra can be very gossipy, critical and bitter all of that is me. Although I am not balanced…and libra is suppose to be balanced..and im not very neat…

Answer #3

Im Taurus.And yeah.Im stubborn but gentle and caring…Daily horoscope sometimes is accurate..It depend…Most of the time it is accurate..

Answer #4

Im a Taurus, I’ve noticed that it is almost always accurate. their are occasions that its total off but very few.

Answer #5

Yes my sign is Taurus and it is very accurate, whether I am in comtemplation regarding huge life changes or little daily decisions. My partner has spent his life considering himself a Virgo, Well intersting enough my life is filled with Taurus and Virgos, in fact somehow I have managed to date primarily Virgos, and my partner is NOT a Virgo. He is a slob, unorganized, has terrible hygene!!! So I went to the neat little shop and the girl that worked there pointed out that he is probably in the moon of Virgo (whatever that means). So she looked in the huge book with a handy little chart on the last page, and come to find out he in the moon of Gemini. Very interesting, do if anyone’s horoscope does not quite make sense they should check to see if their birthdates fall in the moon of another sign.

Answer #6

Yes I am like my zodiac sign. I’m a scorpio and it’s completely true about me. =] And my zodiac animal is a dog, and it’s true. I’m perverted yet intelligent at the same time.

Answer #7

Libra And omg I’m just like it, lol. And isn’t zodiac like the rat, dog, boar, rabbit, dragon, cow, snake, tiger, sheep, rooster, monkey and horse?

Answer #8

Mine is sort of right. Im a scorpio and I love water and I can be mysterious at times.

Answer #9

Its more japanese or chinese zodiac is better then the american in my opinion and I like it better

Answer #10

y3ah all th3 just says what I fe3l its crazy

Answer #11

im a Leo and it does corispond with me.

Answer #12

I found one site that was on the ball with mine almost daily. But in general I think mine is extreamly close! and a lot of other peoples I compare I find to be a lot like them. So yes I do

Answer #13

The whole description of the zodiac signs are REALLY accurate. But the daily readings or whatever you call them arent all that accurate, but it really depends on the source. I’m a Cancer and I learned that my rising sign is Pisces. :] The descriptions of each zodiac sign has never been wrong when compared to me and my friends. x] In my opinion, the whole zodiac thing is really cool. ;D

Answer #14

I read the daily one on wambie + thats not always accuate but is sometimes.but the ones from mags are like always right!

Answer #15

I’m a Leo And most of the Leo traits do not suite me as a person Eg. Confident, leader, Im not at all. It doesnt really work for me :/ I do read my star sign thoough

Answer #16

I’m aquariaus and I think my sign suits me perfectly I have a whole book talking about my sign and the exact date its actually really cool

Answer #17

mine is always right. everyday I read it and everyday its right down to what I eat that day I alway read mine at the end of the day to compare and it never fails me

Answer #18

im gemini and my sign REALLY suits me. some days the horoscope may not be accurate but most days it creeps me out. the 2008 horoscope for me said:

For Gemini (Mithuna) Ascendant or Lagna indicates some delays and tensions in important pursuits. Decisions should be taken with utmost care and caution, but due to care and caution and your past efforts things should be better for you. On personal front, you’d be getting the desired help and support from family members. Good time for love related matters. Reasonably good period for educational pursuits and examinations is indicated. Chances of long term traveling are there. Your health will be more or less good barring the initial few months of the year. Career, Incomes and Gains Beginning of the year to 27th of April 2008 functional malefic planet Mars would be transiting over the ascendant. Later it will move over the Cancer sign. Definitely, transiting Mars over the Gemini sign till 27th of April 2008 might be cause of difficulties and anxiety. From 4th of January 2008 to 9th of March 2008 Mercury would be transiting over the 8th house. It will also bring tensions and delay in important pursuits. Decisions should be taken under utter caution. On 9th of March 2008 Mercury will move over the 9th house in Aquarius sign. It would be beneficial. There is no doubt due to transit of Mars and Mercury you might experience some obstacles as far as your professional life is concerned. However, transiting Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter are fully capable to boost your career/business and financial position. During this year, you may have finest flow of income. Sudden and unexpected monetary gains may boost your bank account. Since of your past as well as present performance, you may reap excellent financial benefits. Probably, you may have extra sources of earnings. Salary increment or any cherished business deal may also take place. If, you have any interest towards share market, speculation or horse racing etc. it is finest period, you may invest in these spheres. Mercury shows, you may reap benefits. Any good news from far off places or foreign may spread smile on your face. From 30th of March 2008 to 14th of April 2008 Mercury would be transiting in sign of debilitation. Hence, during this period, plans of quick money making must be avoided. From 25th of August 2008 to 30th of October 2008, Mercury will transit over the sign of exaltation while from 1st of November 2008 to 18th of November 2008; Mercury will transit over the 5th house. Therefore, it would be an auspicious period in regard of career/business and finance. Love, Family and Social Life Saptmesh ( 7th Lord) Jupiter is transiting itself in sign of Mooltrikona. It’s a favorable transit of noble Jupiter as far as your family life is concerned. You will get expected support from your spouse and other family members. Your relationship will go ahead with your partner. You will make better understanding in between you and your lover/beloved. Both of you will share inner feelings and will provide best support to each other. If, you are married, you will find your spouse will be best adviser in personal and as well as professional life. If, you will follow his/her unique ideas, your planning may meet to their desired destinations. Both of you would like to for cinema and shopping. Overall, it is best period for love and romance. Education and Traveling Till the 19th of January 2008 Panchmesh ( 5th Lord) Venus would be transiting over the 6th house in Scorpio sign. It might create some obstacles in relation of study. Results might be disappointing. Failure in efforts is slightly possible. You would not capable to convert your talent into fruits. However, when on 19th of January 2008 Venus will move over the 7th house and conjoined to noble as well as Vidyakaraka Jupiter, you might achieve success in exams or interviews. It is the time when your performance would be outstanding. Students shall be more interested towards their studies. There is probability of your getting benefited from these efforts in studies. Chances of long distance journeys are possible. Probably you might go to foreign land. Health Due to transit of 6th lord Mars over the ascendant, you might have to face some sluggish health till the 27th of April 2008. However, since of aspect of Jupiter over the ascendant as well as Mars, you will not suffer due to any dangerous injury or disease.

Answer #19

My horoscope or atleast the how a scorpio tends to behave part is…to a damn T

Answer #20

I think my Zodiac sign is PRETTY DAMNED Accurate to me. I’m a Cancer. and Besides all the other attributes. The one I think is really accurate is My desire to be a Protector.

Answer #21

No; because they are made to suit everyone. Mine today said “In 2008 you will meet new people and expect changes” or something along the lines to that.

They could say that to anyone in the world and it would be true.

But most of the time it actually does suit me. “You will go out tonight” or something.. you know?

Answer #22

only if you believe in it . If you do then you gonna find yourself acting the same way as the people of your sign . I personally don’t believe and I don’t act like most people of my so called sign.

Answer #23

Well actually this one time I was thinking about getting a new puppy (about 3 years ago) and my Mom and Dad were going to give me well a large amount of cash to buy myself some stuff for my birthday. And the next day after all of this was going on I read my horoscope and it said, “You are in a good mood today and are possibly thinking about adding a family pet to the family! Maybe a new puppy! Also some cash is coming your way sometime soon.”

I was like… Whoa!!! It really surprised me too. It kinda creeped me out at first. Lol.

Answer #24

I’m a Capricorn. The Capricorn description is dead-on for me. Some people say that every sign is general, and descriptive of all people. This is not true. I exhibit many specific Capricornian traits. I have a germ phobia, most of my health problems center around my digestive system, I am methodical and a perfectionist, I hold grudges, I’m very introverted, and people are surprised by my sense of humor. I’ve displayed all of these characteristics my entire life, long before I even read the discription of Capricorn. Also, I looked at the signs that I’m most likely to get along with. Taurus, Libra, and Virgo. My three best friends throughout high school (and my friends to this day, still), are a Taurus, a Libra, and a Virgo. Very impressive.

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