Would you choose diapers or pads if your child started their period between the ages of 2 and 5 years old?

Which would you choose for a 2 to 5 year old, pads or diapers?…(tampons are obviously out of the question, seeing as they are too small to use them).

I think I would choose diapers, until they reached about 6 years old. Diapers would stay on better, and wouldn’t irritate the child so much. However, after 6…I think starting to use pads would be a good idea, because you don’t want them wearing diapers for too long.

What do you think? Would you use pads, or diapers in this situation, and why?

Answer #1

Diapers fersure.

Answer #2

Pads so they wudnt keep feeling like a baby with the diapers on

Answer #3

Diapers, definitely lol

Answer #4

Diapers, she would be so young that she would need more protection till she figures the whole prosses out.

Answer #5

Female menstruation rarely comes that early of age, but I kind of recommended Diapers. This is because the child is more likely to get adjusted rather than a pad.

Answer #6

Yes, it’s rare…but it does happen.

Answer #7

I would watch out because it may not be her period.

Answer #8

if it happend to my daughter then i’d choose diapers…after consulting a doctor O_O and freaking out…

Answer #9

I am asking “IF” your child started their period…would you use diapers or pads…not what would you do if your child started bleeding down there.

Answer #10

oh, then diapers for sure

Answer #11

At 2 years old?

Answer #12

I’d chose pull-ups.. but first I’d have her checked out by some specialists.

Answer #13

I would get her to a doctor and neuroendocrinologist and get them to stop it. Between the two options you are asking about though definately the diapers.

Answer #14

its called precocious puberty. It can happen when a girl is under a year old.

Answer #15

Most definetely diapers.

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