What is a good age to have your first child?

I’m just wondering…I’m 17 yeah & I want to have 7 children (but not right now!)…What’s a good age to have your first child? Should you go to tafe first? & study? or start a family…then study..?

Answer #1

STUDY FIRST!! Its always harder to get back into school after being out for a while. Solution is never quit school.

So with that being said the ideal age would be 24 or 25 and really you hould have a steady job and be married and have a safe home you can raise children in. It wouldn’t be fair to the child to be born into a family any other way. They need a mommy who can provide and protect and going to school and then having a home and husband is the best way for them. You sound like you love kids. You wouldn’t want to put them into an unstable home would you!? Nooo, so go to school get on your feet and have a blessed life with as many babies as your heart desires.

Answer #2

Biologically the best time is when you are young. Teen mothers do have somewhat higher rates of miscarriages, premature births, and other problems but this is mainly because of poorer prenatal care. All else equal the ideal biological age is probably about 15.

From a financial point of view the best time is after both parents are married, established in their respective professions and financially stable. From a financial point of view the ideal time would probably be in the mid-30’s.

Most 15 year old kids do not have the resources to easily raise a child while fertility is already on the decline by the mid 30’s.

The ideal age to have kids is a compromise between our reproductive peak and our situational peak. If we split the difference between 15 and 35 we have 25. So that’s what I’d say though the analysis of individual couples can move the optimum age in either direction. Someone who attains early success in their carer may be better off having kids earlier while someone who doesn’t find a good job or a suitable partner by then may be better off waiting later.

Answer #3

My opinion

When you are over 25:

Have a job Don’t live with your parents anymore Are in a stable long term relationship or married and when you have an EDUCATION. There is no way you’ll find the time to get educated when you have a young child. And it is selfish not to be able to provide a child with a proper education.

Answer #4

There is really no estimated age. When you feel that you are mautre enough and that you have enough money and that you have a house and that you have a partner then maybe then you can decide wheather or not you want to have kids.

Answer #5

you have kids when you have a good job and you can afford them and dont have to sponge off the social and family..

Answer #6

pffft look sweetie try 21, that way your nice and young and as fit as you eva will be so you wont have a problem looking after the baby. Also when your child is asked the embarrassing question of how old is your mum…she can proudly admit that her mum is young and gorgeous!!!

Answer #7

get your studies sorted out, move out of your moms house and become financially independent, then think of babies,

I would say at the age of 25+ at least. you are really missing out on the best times in your life if you have children at a young age,

Answer #8

I think its best to study then start a family. I had my son at 20.. im about to be 21 and its hard to stay focused in school when you have to focus on your baby 24/7. and plus a lot of first time parents dread putting there babies in daycare. so I had to drop out and I will go back when I think he’s old enough to go to daycare. but 22 seems like a good age if your going to a 4 year college then you’ll be done with that, then you can have a baby like every 2 years, and it will be more than enough time for your body to heal in between births.

Answer #9

Everybody has there own opinion on what age you should be to have your 1st kid. I think 17 is young, but things happen. I wouldnt personally try to get pregnant on purpose. I did get pregnant a few months ago then went into pre*term labor. My son did pass away and Its very hard to deal with. Im almost 17. Think twice and use protection.

Answer #10

have 1 when your 22 I reckon

Answer #11

no age I had my 1st kid at 13… 13 ant a good age but I think if you want them that bad then go have a kid

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