What is wrong with mom's who thing it's fine to bring boys into the women's locker room?

My friend invited me to come with her, her younger brother and his friend to an indoor water park. Once we get there, we all go to the women’s locker room. I thought it was rediculous because my friends brother and his friend are 8 & 9 yrs old! Way too old to be in there.

My friend got the last bathroom stall to change in and I was stuck in the big room with everyone else. I tried to wait and change after my friend but her mom made me hurry up and change right there because she was like we are only staying for a few hours. It was so embarrassing, she held up towels so the boys had privacy while I had to put on my suit right there. I even tried to complain but she was like it’s a safety issue just hurry up! I just changed facing the wall. It was so embarrassing because the boys even teased me later about getting so see my bare butt.

Is she crazy? Has anyone else been in a situation like this?

Answer #1

How old was the boy? I take my son into the womens bathrooms with me and plan on doing so for several more years (most likely until age 8). It’s a safety reason. If she was a mother that was there by herself, i dont blame her for not wanting to send her son into the mens room if he was young. If he was an older boy - you could have reported her to the manager and had the situation taken care of.

Answer #2

If it makes you feel any better, ive been in much worse situations than this and i would trade this little scene up for a lot of things that has happened to me. but yah i think its weird and u should tell her ur feelings before it happens again.

Answer #3

Uhm, mother’s brin their little boys into women’s restrooms and locker rooms so they can be supervised, I see nothing wrong with it. She’s being a good mother.

Answer #4

They’re only 8 & 9, I agree, there’s nothing wrong.

Answer #5

ya i hate wen that happens. talk to the head people bout making rules bou tht

Answer #6

I agree then, sorry i missed that part. The mom had every right to take her children in there to protect them and keep them safe. You dont send young kids alone in bathrooms and locker rooms you never know what could happen. If you didn’t want to change in front of them and didn’t like it, you could have just waited until they were done.

Answer #7

They are young, they are not going to try to hit on the teenage girls, and if they do, it will be cute. You can tell your mom how you feel about it, but still nothing wrong with it.

Answer #8

Amen. :)

Answer #9

I wouldn’t have been happy. A 3 or 4 year old is fine. A 9 year old is pushing it. I understand the safety issue, but there was no reason the mom couldn’t have waited outside with the boys. Why did she have to come into the locker room?

Answer #10

They don’t need to make a rule against it. There is nothing wrong with a mother trying to protect her child.

Answer #11


Answer #12

The boys needed to change too. As a grown women she cant just waltz into the men’s room with the two boys. If you read the details, she was holding up a towel so the boys could have their privacy while the person asking this was forced to change out in the open because her friend’s mother wanted to hurry up and get to the fun.

Answer #13

If the people in there really cared that much about an 8 and 9 year old seeing them naked they could have waited for a stall to become available, there doesnt need to be rule against this, where are the boys supposed to change? Ina room full of stranger grown men and teenaged boys far older than them because all the other children their age are with their mothers like they should be?

Answer #14

I see both your point and others. im looking at this from the kids point of view whos probably gonna have some not so good memories. but im confused, was the girl changing out in the open in a mens room or a womens room? because i dont see the big deal if its in a womens room. im reli confused as to which room they were in. was it coed? i dont get it

Answer #15

ah, I thought the towel was to stop the boys from seeing her. Well no, then there is no choice but to bring them in if they need to change. However, it was uncalled for to insist she change in front of the boys. It’s not the end of the world if they got out of there an extra 5 minutes later, which is all it takes to change. It is not ok to embarrass someone like that.

Answer #16

Thanks for answering guys… We were in a women’s room and she brought the boys in there with her. It was embarrassing for me because she spent all her time helping the boys change and holding up towels for their privacy. But since it was a women’s room she didn’t care about me. She didn’t care that I was forced to change in front of them!

Answer #17

That is pretty weird….

Answer #18

well there should be a room where children and parents go to use because it makes girls uncomfeterable and i didnt say there was anythn wrong with a mother wanting to protect her daughter i personally dont agree with the way the organize these scenarios

Answer #19

There’s a difference between being hit on and being teased by kids who saw you naked! It sure as hell wouldn’t be cute!

Answer #20

I’d say her main problem with this is being watched by the boys? Which is totally out of order. It’s fine for mothers to bring their sons in yes, but not to force a 16 year old to get naked in front of them. I’d refuse! Why do they get privacy and you not? It’s totally unfair. If I had my kids in with me I’d sit them facing the wall until we were finished. What if it was little girls in a men’s changing room? Is that okay too? I think there’s a limit to how violated a person should be and yeah that was wrong.

Answer #21

Studdies show that before the age of 4 it’s okay for young boys to see their mother or other women naked…after age 4 it can become a problem and become confussing for they boy.

Answer #22

I don’t think it’s the distress of the boy that’s the concern here? It’s that of the girl who was exposed to people she didn’t feel comfortable in front of.

Answer #23

What do you wnat the mom to do tie the kid to the door handle and say “stay right here.” Not every mom has someone there to take the child. If a growen women is uncomfortable she should know to change in a stall that way no one can see her.

Answer #24

Did you read the details of this question? Reread it, then answer me again. She was FORCED.

Answer #25

It clear that we are not going to get along and that is fine but you don’t need to be rude….I’m not answering the question for you so don’t worry about it.

Answer #26

I was just pointing out that your answer was not answering the question at all.. just in case you wanted to readjust it. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you giving bad advice now, and arguing about it afterwards. I think you should read questions more thoroughly before answering in future and think whether or not your answer is useful in any way to anyone reading it.

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