My grandma mom and aunt are walking around the hotel room naked

Well, yeah, this is actually not depressing or press like my other questions, but right now were in beloxi, in the grand beloxi hotel and I need help like right now. First of all, my older bro’s bugging me to leave here with him and back to flordia, and my grandma mom and aunt are walking around the hotel room naked and me and my bro locked ourselves in the bathroom! What should we do to keep us from spending the whole field trip in the freakin’ bathroom?!

Answer #1

Just hurry out of the bathroom and grab your things. Go outside and have a fun time. Look around sight see and all. If they werent walking around your room naked I dont think you would want to stay in a room all day anyway.. Think of fun things you wan to do.

Answer #2

Go out and do stuff! You don’t have to restrian yourself to the bathroom. Go explore the hotel. Do they have a pool? go swiming! Go outside and see some sights. Take pictures. If you can’t do any of the above, completely ignore the nakedness and watch TV or if you have an MP3 player, listen to that. You could also read a book if you brought one.

Answer #3

Yeah, there’s a pool and what not, but stupid us, left our things around the nudists and DO YOU KNOW HOW NASTY IT IS TO SEE THREE OLD WOMEN NAKED?! My bro doesn’t wanna go out there, but they’re like INCOURAGING us to come out there! P.S. you have to buy a wristband to do to hotel related activites.

Answer #4

I would say spend your time outside your room, to a pool, ouside, have fun. hah

Answer #5

LOLOL..thats pretty funny..actually I would try to take a few pictures just in case you ever needed to get out of a jam..or if you ever got in legal think its called blackmail..or maybe you could look at it as ‘insurance’…LOL..

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