Cousin brings nasty dog in my room, soon!!!

Here is the deal. We have relatives from the middle east, (they’re americans by blood, but my cousins were born and grew up on there)… My couz, agatha, will share rooms with me, and she mentioned my mom, she’s bringing her dog with her, that the dog goes with her everywhere, and I hate dogs on my bed. What should I do?? I don’t know how to handle this!!! I am soo pissed!


Answer #1

Easy if the dog jumps on the bed or she puts it there just push it off…it’ll learn soon enough what the rules are at your house.

Answer #2

“I dont like dogs on my bed, the dog can come into the room but please keep it off the bed”

It’s not that hard… and do it when she comes into the room and you set ground rules, it will become harder if you wait to do it later on.

Answer #3

make a deal with her. she is a guest in your house, and in your room. tell her she can have to dog in there, but it isnt allowed on the furniture or somthing.

Answer #4

Tell your cousin to have the dog sleep on the floor maybe? That’s what I would do.

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