How do you get your mom to stop 'organizing' your things?

I’m 14 and my mother is always commenting about how disorganized my room is. I think it is perfectly organized as I can find something when I want it. I’ve tried telling her that there is a difference between neat and organized, but she just won’t listen. She even comes in and messes my system up and that is when I can’t find anything, but she doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong. How can I get her to understand?

Answer #1

Well, I can say from a mother’s point of view that my idea of organized and my son’s are two very differing things.

I can imagine that it’s pretty frustrating to have your mother cleaning your room, and many mothers have pretty high standards of what clean is, but to be fair, your room is in her house.

Maybe you can come to a compromise with her. Instead of telling her not to organize your room, you can organize it so that it will meet her standards, or you can ask her to keep certain things where they are.

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