What is wrong with me or my mom?

Well I have never liked reading and I hate spelling! When I was little I use to always get bs and ds mixed up. I looked at the simptums of dyslexia and I had a lot of them. I told my mom and she said that I didn’t have it. In math I was told to write problem 54 on the board and I wrote 45. The again told me 54 but I said 45?, finally I got it right. Plus when Im spelling short words like here I forget how to spell them a min ago I spelled it and didn’t even recognize it. Is there something wrong with me or am I just making it up? And I know I spelled half this paragraph wrong.

Answer #1

Hi meonlyme, That sounds like a symptom of Dyslexia. Usually schools check kids that are showing symptoms. I would suggest that you tell your counselor. They will test you and determine if you have it or not. Schools also have classes for Dyslexic kids in which they spend more one on one time with you. I hope I helped. Clarissa =)

Answer #2

Well there is nothing to take side on, the best thing to do is talk to a doctor, school councelor so you can get tested for it.

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