Who knows if the whole world gets Columbus Day off?

It seems logical that only America would have a Columbus Day, let alone be the only ones to have the day off.

Answer #1

whats columbus day? I assume we dont have it here, or I have been missing out on a day off

Answer #2

Christopher Columbus discover America on accident while lookinf for, some where else, I forget where. :D So we have his birthday off? Or is it that day is discovered America that we have off? I dont know, I’m not very patriotic of my country, apparently. :)

Answer #3

no, not everyone gets it off. i dont even get it off and im in america. i still have classes not fair haha

Answer #4

Awh. :(

Answer #5

I’m Canadian and we don’t celebrate it….I don’t see why the world would celebrate something that is explicitly an American holiday. However, today…being Thanksgiving… is a holiday.

Answer #6

yeah right and i have a test in my one class haha not fair at all haha

Answer #7

It’s thanksgiving there already? We dont have it until the end of november.

Answer #8

they don’t.

Answer #9

i live in the states….and our schools in cali dont get columbus day off :(

Answer #10

just a bit of info for you. he shouldn’t be given credit for discovering a place people already live on. He was not a good person at all. Look up the truth on him. It’s very interesting.

Answer #11

I never got it off while in school. I’m in the US

Answer #12

he was looking for the Indies

Answer #13

me too

Answer #14

me too

Answer #15

i get off

Answer #16

OH YEAH! The Indies. He was a d!ck, I know. :D

Answer #17

I’m happy for you that you get off, however I would not like to know your personal business. :D

Answer #18


Answer #19

darn double post

Answer #20

=] It was a joke. You said you get off, you know, like “get off”.

Answer #21

Why would the world celebrate something that has no meaning to them? Also, I really have objections to ‘Columbus’ found the Americas. No he didnt. I wasn’t lost in the first place. There were people living here. It’s ridiculous eurocentric to say he found it.

Answer #22


Answer #23

i dont understand adult jokes

Answer #24

I know that people here are off for Columbus day!!!!!

Answer #25

That’s probably a good thing.

Answer #26

Last year, the kids out here didn’t have columbus day off.. they did say he wasn’t the one that discovered it, so why celebrate it? Native Americans were already here. This year, the kids have school off… my boyfriend still has to work in the military, though, so yeah, I would think only America celebrates it, if that. :)

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