World fart day

What day is world fart day? I looked it up and it has came up with 5th march, and 1st april, so what day is it?

Answer #1

Wow, something to look forward to… :o

Answer #2

No, I was just searching world egg day today and it came up with world fart day but it is coming up with loads of different dates

Answer #3

who gets in troble for farttin?

Answer #4


Answer #5

I’ve never heard of it…what a ridiculous idea.

People really will make a holiday out of anything these days, won’t they?

BTW, April 1st is April Fool’s day, so if you think it’s on that day, you’ve obviously been duped.

Answer #6

wow what a coool day that would be,like you could fart all day long and not get into trouble,best eat a hot curry the night before lol,did someone tell you this on april fool’s day by any chance???

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