somethings I should ask someone to get to know them better

What are somethings I should ask someone to get to know them better. I.e. whats your favorite movie type of quesrions!

Answer #1

ask them how was their day or something that you normally did..dont ask them question like their hobbies…u know if they seem to talk about something in to them about it..etc etc..if it stops then move onto something your doing..and then see if they ask u..I said dont ask such questions..because most questions gets repetative after some time..but if you ask something that a person is doing currently..ure most likely to get some good reply..and ull get to know their true interest in this with really good both of you can get an opportunity to talk

Answer #2

WHat is your goal in life? What kind of music do you like?

Make sure you don’t ask “yes” or “no” question, those can lead to awkward silences!


Answer #3

As announced on the EU and NA official sites, this weekend will be devoted to accelerated crafting, essencetapping, and aethertapping

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