What day will I get what I ordered?

I ordered something on Wednesday and it had be shipped today It said it will be with me in two business days What day will I get it ?

Answer #1

You should be getting it Friday.

Answer #2


Answer #3

What carrier was it shipped with?

Answer #4

well she said it would take 2 business days so its would be friday

Answer #5

That’s true, but sometims you get it a day after. If it’s Fedex/UPS…then Monday. It’s been happening to me lately about not getting my shipped items on said date. Sometimes, it arrives a little early or day after It arrives more after especially when the day is accompanied by bad weather.

Answer #6


Answer #7

Normally you get a tracking number that will give you an estimate time of delivery.

Answer #8

Im not sure what carrier. But i ordered it from the game website. If that helps?

Answer #9

Just stick with Friday.

Answer #10

Did you get it?

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