What would happen if the whole world broke wind at once?

Breaking wind is polite fer fartin for you who don’t know btw. This is a serious question.

Answer #1

I dont believe anything immediate would happen since it is factual that humans flatulate on average 15 times a day. and by average I mean some do more and some do less. thats average. but as zudano said the ozone would deteriate a little bit at a time. but not to the extreme of the story. but I like the story. cant wait for my decendants to become mer-people. so the answer is pretty much nothing would happen.

Answer #2

LOL If they all smelled like my pregnancy farts, I think we would all die of toxic exposure.

Answer #3

The methane gasses released in such a large volume would mass in the sky and bore more holes in our atmosphere. The suns radiation would cause the temperature to rise to a point that is unbearable to humans. A select few humans would move into an underwater community. Then over hundreds of years humans will evolve into mermaids. Cancer would then no longer be the top killer of humans and would become great white sharks. …

Answer #4

zudano has a very thoughtful answer

Answer #5

It’s ok as long as no one lights a match!

Answer #6

Uhm.. Odd question.

Answer #7

..Then it would stink.

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