Do you ever feel like the whole world is just passing by?

Do you ever feel like the whole world is just passing by in front of you and your just missing out on everything else?? Especially if your still young ??

Answer #1

I’ve tried to not think about it going by but how I can make the best of each moment everyday!!! Im 19 now and its been fast but worth it, many insane and beautiful memories to cherish and many more to come :)

Answer #2

Really? That’s exactlly how I feel! I feel like such a loser (but im not) lol. I feel guilty if I dont go out and do something fun. I dont know how to explain it any better, but you said it for me.

Answer #3

I totally feel that way. I moved away from home and I hear about all my friends partying and having fun, and here I am with my head in the books. Its actually depressing.

Answer #4

Yup. All the time. I feel like that a lot. I feel like I never do anything worth while. Why do you feel like this?

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