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About Blueland

Who we are

At Blueland, we are passionate about creating effective and eco-friendly cleaning products that help eliminate single-use plastic from your cleaning routine. Our mission is to provide you with the clean essentials you need to keep your home sparkling while also reducing your environmental impact. We believe in the power of sustainable living and strive to make it easy and convenient for you to make eco-conscious choices in your everyday life.

What we Do

Blueland offers a range of best-selling cleaning products all in one convenient package. Our products include Hand Soap, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, and Glass + Mirror Cleaner. Each of our cleaners is formulated to be highly effective at removing dirt and grime, while also being safe for your family and the environment. Our innovative formulas are designed to provide a powerful clean without the need for single-use plastic packaging.

In addition to our cleaning products, we also offer a subscription service that allows you to receive exclusive deals, zero waste tips, and product launches directly to your inbox. Our emails are zero waste, just like our products, so you can feel good about staying informed while reducing your environmental impact.

Why you should use us

There are many reasons why you should choose Blueland for your cleaning needs. First and foremost, our products are highly effective at cleaning your home without the use of harmful chemicals or single-use plastic packaging. Our cleaners are safe for use around children and pets, making them a great choice for families looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Additionally, by choosing Blueland, you are supporting a company that is committed to sustainability and reducing waste. We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products and strive to minimize our impact on the planet at every stage of the production process. When you choose Blueland, you can feel confident that you are making a positive impact on the environment.

What can you ask?

  • How do your cleaning products compare to traditional cleaners?
  • Are your products safe for use around children and pets?
  • Can I recycle the packaging from your products?
  • Do you offer any refill options for your cleaners?
  • Are your cleaners biodegradable?
  • How do I sign up for your subscription service?

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