Why people smoke if they know is a bad thing for them.

Why people smoke if they know is a bad thing.

Answer #1

curioustiy, which then leads to addiction. and believe it or not, people dont really smoke because they think its cool, its mostly curiousity and it helps to relieve stress, lose weight, minimize appetite, and just mellow out. but its a stupid habit dont start, quitting is a b*tch

Answer #2

same reason people drive without seat-belts, drink and drive, drink in general, eat fast food.. well what im trying to say is everything you do can be seen as dangerous (walking outside gives you skin cancer) so I guess if I was a smoker then I wouldnt care.. im going to die someday might as well enjoy my days to the fullest and if that means smoking then well more power to you (I dont smoke)

Answer #3

They get started because it is an adult, grown up vice and the young smokers think it is cool. It is also addicting, so they continue with the habit. I smoked for 20+ years before quitting 26 years ago.

Answer #4

It’s an addiction.

Answer #5

or they do it to releave stress when nothing else works for them

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