Is it bad that I smoke for this?

I smoke becuse I live a stressful life and things happn and I will jsut sit down and smoke a cigg I only do it because the nicatien gives me a feeling of uforia and makes me feel like every thing is alright I only smoke 2-3 a day at the most is this still bad

Answer #1

Scientific findings: smoking is physically bad for you - it damages your body - get high on life, not escape/hide out with a cigaretteā€¦I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

good for you buddy. its a stupid thing to be addicted to but I know ill quit again when im ready. you have really cut down how did you do it.

Answer #3

yoru better than I am tman354. im a freakn smokaholic. I luv nothing better than chillen out the back with a cold drink and a dutchie in hand. (my nickname for smokes lol) I actually quit for 2 years and then got hell stressed and started again. I dont smoke around anyone or inside or anything. your just you its your little thing you have. its better than being a drunk or on hard core drugs isnt it??

Answer #4

Ya man its bad, but just the canser part but dont worry.

Answer #5

yeah I jsut put my mind to it and I fight the want in my mind luckly im a strong minded person thank god im taures hahah go bulll

Answer #6

yeah I used to be bad a pack a day but I slowed down a lot

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