Why am I tempted to do things that I know are bad?

Why am I tempted to do like drungs when I know that they are really bad for me and have horrible affects on my body I’ve always wanted to know what its liek but I really dont wanna do any how can I stop this temptatiion?

Answer #1

are you sure its not just peer pressure

everyone gets tempted to do things they know are wrong you just have to be strong and avoid this kind of temptation because the after effects really wont be worth the trouble

hope I helped Jo x

Answer #2

just think about the future you know. think that if you get addicted you’ll be all wrinkly and have no life. to be honest. also it is bad for you but everyone or most people should know that and so do you. think about that if you get addicted and are hanging with your “friends” gettin high and stuff and the people who have never done that crap walk by and look down on you, think how bad you’ll feel inside, not to mention you disappointing your family your real friends, your grades at school, and YOU.

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