Does smoking marijuana make you a bad person?

does smoking it make you a bad person?why do people do it ? I know a guy who smokes it he says it helps him relax does it ? why is that people do it its illegal

Answer #1

me and my bro use to be real close but then he started doing pot and well he has changed a lot hes very agressive and does it every day so yeah hes addicted to it and well know its never the same with us so if I were you I wouldnt do it not even to see how it feels it will ruin your life dont you rather be healthy then sorry!!

Answer #2

I think by now the government KNOWS tobacco is a HUGE health risk…yet it is still legal. Pot is something that alters your mind…a drug…THAT’S why it is illegal…yet so does alcohol…so go figure.

Answer #3

Smoking marijuana does not mean your a bad person although it slows your thinking down along with the way you react to things.

Answer #4

I’ve smoked weed now for about the last 8 years every night,I personally dont do it to get wrecked or even to be social I just smoke it to help me relax and get some kip because if I aint got it I wont sleep!!! But doctors use it with people whom have ms etc so cant be too bad for you

Answer #5

justabloke, if you read my opinion properly, you’d notice that I said smoking pot is a HUGE health risk, thats why it is illegal, and smoking tobacco would of been illegal if governments knew the out come of that (past tense). So go figure yourself..

Answer #6

Whatever way you put it will never be a good thing, so I advise you not to do it, because if you get hooked on it, it will take over your life!

Answer #7

no not at all! I have friends who smoke weed and they arent bad people. just keep in mind that its bad for you. (and illegal) you dont want to get caught with it because thats never fun. so ya…u probly shouldn’t do it anyway…

Answer #8

“Pot”, a more preferable term for it, is fun. Its great. I smoke myself. BUT. Its is something that I think NO ONE should do. Some people, those who were born in a house, were SOMETIMES raised to smoke pot. But really look at it this way.

BAD : It isn’t good for you. Its harming your body.

But breathing can give you lung cancer, and you can overdose on water.

GOOD : It helps you relax a lot

But if you run out, after having been smoking in chained time links, then, yeah, your going to kill someone or go crazy.

BAD : You can get addicted to it.

But you can get addicted to a lot of things.

Just giving you both sides of the park, to allow you to really see the side you prefer/.

Answer #9

No, it doesn’t make you a bad person, but it can mentally, physically, and emotionally damage you. It seems like it’s a bad thing because the media discriminate and sends out these messages. They give this image that drug addicts are low-lives and unwise, but actually, lots of people have different reasons. Some just have depressing lives and it is like the escape they know, Kurt Cobain said that it helped his stomach conditions, some people are pressured into it.

Be healthy, don’t do it .

Answer #10

It is bad for you, if you smoke it everyday. its only illegal because the law considers it to be a huge health risk. remember, people have been smoking it for generations, its just a persons choice to smoke it. If govermants knew about the out come of tobaco, and what that can do to you , I’m sure that would be illegal. I personaly don’t smoke it, although I did once, and it made me sick, but my childhood friend does and I’ve noticed his personality has changed, he’s more argumentative, and aggressive.. I would say personaly, stay away from the stuff.

Answer #11

no way. pot doesn’t make you a bad or good person.

Answer #12

no, it does not make you a bad person. its stupid that its illegal. its just as bad as drinking.

Answer #13

no, it does not make you a bad person. its stupid that its illegal. its just as bad as drinking.

Answer #14

no, I dont belieev so ist funn & calms you down

& you arent really addicted to it

Answer #15

That all depends on what you consider a “bad” person.

Answer #16

No…but it is illegal & it will make you high. So then…maybe yes??

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