Why do people like cats and dogs?

Why mostly people like cats and dogs?

Answer #1

I think for the most part, cats and dogs because they most often show their owners affection (love) through the purring, cuddling, and tail wagging 800 mph - separates them from animals that rarely show or are not capable of showing affection…Take care !!

Answer #2

Because they’re cute, cuddly, and loving. They actually love you back, like I don’t know if a pet snake would love you as much as a kitten, or puppy.

Answer #3

Affection from cats and dogs is unconditional - they don’t demand the latest fashions, toys, gadgets all they want is food and love and a place to call home . They don’t set fire to the house, have parties and wreck the house when you go on holiday . They are usually not unfaithful or run up huge credit card bills and crash your car when they shouldn’t have been driving it !

I feel honoured that my four cats , who are more than capable of caring for themselves in the wild with their highly honed instincts and hunting abilities, choose to stay as close to me as they can physically do so and I’ve never had a single argument or falling out with any of them - all they own is the fur on their backs and my heart and that seems to be all they need . I think that’s why we love them .

Answer #4

They are loving companions, playful, and know when you are under the weather & are usually more attentive then. They don’t talk back and are unconditionally loving, in short, God’s creations! They “know” things humans don’t because they have an instinct that is smarter in many ways than we are!

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