How do I get my cat to like people more?

My cat doesn’t like people. she is a female and my mom just says female cat’s don’t like people but, my friends cat is female and she loves people. I mean she shows signs of liking me. She doesn’t attack me when i try and pet her and she doesn’t bit me if i force her to let me pet her but she still almost always runs from me. How do i get her to like me more?

Answer #1

Be calm, maintain a clear level of happiness & be cool & calm when you approach her, because especially if your cat is Timid. Felines tend to pick up an awful lot on human emotions, and ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

Try and do the little “kitty come here” Bit by using your thumb and Index+Middle fingers to do kind of like a “Money money money!” sign you know… and call her name, Smile at her… Maybe even offer her a Treat… Talk in a calm & soft tone…

Be gental and interact a lot with the cat, see if she bonds to you… Take it a step at a time, and see how this works… I know it worked a lot with my old cat Zachary… Just talk nice to her… like this…

“Hey, there… what are you up to? Mind if I pet you Hmm? Smile come here sweetie”

Don’t pin her down to pet her, it scares them and makes them not want to be petted.

Let her come to you, and most of all be patent with her.

Good Luck!

Answer #2

is she a botlle fed baby or did you foster her all her life? b/c if she is a bottle fed baby then they are more none socialized.. it also depends on the personality of the cat.. and whether its mom was a stray or not…

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