How can you make your dog like a cat?

Sooo typical dog hates cat! Well my dog hate my cat daisy soo bad she tries to eat her. I love my dog but I love my kitty. The dog has daisy hiding upstairs and she refuses to come down so I had to put her litter box up there and food. Is there a site that can help me with this. P.s. I cant get rid of the animals so dont say that!!! :) thanx

Answer #1

you cant make your dog like your cat…

knowing that on a large scale dogs dont get on with cats you should really have thought of this before you bought the second animal, cat or dog ;)

you can try disciplining the dog everytime it goes for the cat but I couldnt tell you 100% if this will work or not but dogs hate being slapped on their nose so eventually the dog might see that its wrong and stop it

Answer #2

It’s a question of leadership (from you)…and the instinctive nature of dogs to be in a pack. And a kitty CAN be part of a dogs pack. I had a certified cat killing Rottie who learned the THIS cat iwas HER cat…a part of HER pack, simiply by enforcing my will over hers whenever they were in the house together. You’ve got to watch them very carefully at first…you’ll see the dog lock in with his eyes first…and that’s when you say NO…and throw keys, a can with pennies in it…something that will distract the dog…then repeat NO…This is another one where you have to be on your toes at all times. Catching him BEFORE he goes after the cat is what your object is. Eventually, your dog will accept the cat as part of the pack, and you as the leader of this pack…

This won’t save any cats outside the house tho…


Answer #3

first the cat/dog what ever one was new has to get used to the place for awile. then you just let the dog attact the cat because he will mostlikly be playin with the cat. soon they will get used to each other. they might not like eachother but o well as long as they dont kill each other.

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