how do you get a dog and cat to like eachother?

I just got a dog. she needs attention but she is 2. my cat is jelous and always hisses at her. my dog has only barked at her once. she sometimes growls at her and that makes her hiss. but usually its ok. it is just plain jelousy when im around. How can I make this stop??

Answer #1

lol my dog and cat were like brother and sister they would fight but whn my cat had kittens he was like a uncle playin w/ them and stuff but this may sound me but I use to put my cat on my dogs back and they would just fight for a while not ruff tho the get along by sitting next to each other for like 10 mins till they got use to it lol

Answer #2

You should keep them seperated if they’re growling and hissing at eachother. Animals can be very unpredictable at times, you never know if your dog might one day attack your cat or your cat will try and scratch your dog. Just make sure to keep a good eye on them both if you have them in the same room.

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