What animal you like best-cats or dogs?

Im a cat person, but I noticed that there are more dog lovers out there. I mean I noe they are mans best frinds, but still… What animal do you like best. You can pick an animal other than cats and dogs but still tell me which one of those animals are best.

Answer #1

I am a cat person!! I love cats..

Answer #2

Dogs are definatly my favorite animal!I’ve had hampsters,bunnys,guinea pigs,and cats.Dogs never get mad at you and they want to go evrywhere you go and they sleep with u

Answer #3

I always found dogs to be a bit needy but I have awesome chihuahua who happens to be my little homie but I’ve always loved cats they have a certain style about them .

Answer #4

I love them both, but for different reasons. Dogs are like ‘partners’…they want to go where you go, do what you do, hang where you hang. When a cat loves you, you know you’ve been awarded that love. You know they looked you over good, before they decided you were ok… :)


Answer #5

I like dogs, but sometimes they get too loud for me and if past experience indicates anything they’re wreckless (well at least the ones I’ve had). At times I prefer a cat because I need quiet.

Answer #6

I LOVE DOGS.. dogs are playful and they will ALWAYS love you no matter what.. no matter are if you are rich or poor if you are stressed or happy, or fat or thin.. ugly or pretty… . you can play with them, teach them tricks, go to the beach, to the park … If you love them for sure you will get love in return :) Cats are like uhmm only when they want, they get near to you. A DOG would jump all over you and wave his tale excited to see you when you get home, when you wake up .. it’s really amazing

Answer #7


Answer #8

I personally LOVE dogs. The smell of cat feices, I CAN’T STAND.

Answer #9

lol both but horses are better

Answer #10

I am a parrot person myself, have an African Grey, but a dog is always eager to please.

Answer #11

I like both but I love dogs. :)

Answer #12

From a distance, dogs. Up close, neither.

Answer #13


Answer #14

it’s not important how we like . how you like ?

Answer #15

I like both the same.

Answer #16


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