Who knows if there is ever a good reason for a 5 year old to be using a pacifier?

I was at a restaurant and this kid (about 5 or 6 years old) had a pacifier in his mouth. I looked around, no babies with the family, so it was his pacifier. He wasn’t mentally retarded or visibly developmentally delayed in any way. There was no unusual clinging to the mother or anything like that. He looked like a perfectly normal healthy little boy. I thought most kids didn’t use pacifiers after the first few years?

Answer #1

Thr is never a good reason for a pacifier I think and definately not a 5 yr old

Answer #2

in my opinion the ONLY reason I would allow it, is if the child was in some mentally disabled. Like Downs, Autism, etc…in that case it’s different. If there is nothing wrong with the child…then no, there is no reason for it.

Answer #3

Once a child gets teeth pediatricians tell you to cut out the pacifiers since they ruin a childs incoming teeth and cause severely crooked teeth and huge over bites. Theres no medical reasons a child would have a pacifier…thats just the parents being lazy parents and not caring.

Answer #4

I heard of parents that do this. Either they don’t bother to take the time and ween the kid off of the pacifier, and deal with the tantrums…or they see nothing wrong with it. I’ve seen a mother still breastfeeding a child, when the child was 8 years old. I believe her reason was because she couldn’t stand the crying, and all from not allowing the child to breast feed. So, she simply let the child have what it wanted.

Answer #5

That’s kinda what I thought.

Answer #6

Now the breast feeding thing is a little different. There are cultures that allow children to breast feed who are 5 or 6. It’s perfectly normal there.

Answer #7

Yeah…my aunt breast fed my cousin til he was like 7 or 8. I was young (like 14) but I was still disgusted with that.

Answer #8

some way*

Answer #9

I honestly can’t think of a good reason for a child at that age to have one. Most children that I’ve seen have been cut off from the pacifier around or slightly after the age of 2. Any parent who allows the child to have one after that age usually just allows it because they do not want to go through the struggle of taking it away and having to deal with an upset child. It definitely is bad on their part.

Answer #10

Well I’m 16 and I suck my thumb. I have a dummy that I use sometimes but I prefer the thumb. It’s a comfort thing. Yes, sucking my thumb has given me a lisp and it made my teeth stick out a bit. But I had braces and now have “perfect teeth” and I no longer wear my retainer (not out of choice but still..) Sucking on a thumb or a dummy is not that bad a thing. It’s not great, but despite monumental efforts by family, friends and myself I still do it. The longest I think I lasted was about a month, but I started again out of choice. I don’t see the major problem of having a dummy :/

Answer #11

I have seen the children that still us a pacifier and it seems to move their teeth out.

Answer #12

only if they are at a rave… kidding so kidding..

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