Why do people say black hair and blue eyes is the Devil?

I’ve heard it and heard it and then looked it up and it said ‘Satan’s spawn has bright blue eyes and long black hair’?!?!? Where is this even from?!?

Answer #1

i haven heard that before…maybe its just the way some people think.

Answer #2

well universalxhero, i only saw it one time first, and then looked it up and it’s everywhere! and after that i kept hearing it. and i looked it up and one person claimed to have seen a Satanic, evil looking person giving her a bad vibe with that description, and thought it was the devil!

Answer #3

Somebody please answer???!?!?!?

Answer #4

well im sorry, i just never heard that before. Maybe its how people think jesus is white with long brown hair. Its just a image that people think of.

Answer #5

never heard that. Just Ned Flanders saying he wished his son didnt have the devils curley hair

Answer #6

hmmm i was born with long black hair and blue eyes… I still have the blue eyes but not the hair.

Answer #7

Same here I have never heard that!!

Answer #8

maybe because it is uncommon?

Answer #9

My father had long black curly hair and bright blue eyes…

Answer #10

I think it’s blonde hair, blue eyes is the devil. Not black.

Answer #11

I’m the devil then! My eyes change colors, though.

Answer #12

They do? That’s a new one on me…

Answer #13

Can’t say I heard that phrase, and I have naturally black hair and pale blue eyes. Though I have noticed in most movies, the “evil” person has black hair and blue eyes & the “good guy” usually has lighter hair. As universalxhero has stated, it’s for the same reason Jesus has blond hair & blue eyes. It’s symbolism. Supposedly the spawn of Satan will have thick black hair and the brightest blue eyes ever seen with hypnotic powers, so I’ve heard. The black hair symbolizes wickedness and the blue eyes remain for seduction into the unholy. It could also be like this because it is rare to find someone with natural black hair & fully blue eyes, especially pale. I’ve seen maybe one other than myself, in person, in my life time so far(at least that I can think of). If I’m correct this may of started in Europe. I’m sure it probably began as an old wives tale or something of the such.

Answer #14

DEVIL!!!! lol jk jk

Answer #15

I’ve never heard that b4….but imma sucker 4 blue eyes :)

Answer #16

They don’t.

Answer #17

I don’t think that, I read a book called “23 Minutes In Hell” and this guy was really in hell, and this painter painted a picture of what a demon might look like and the man who was in hell, said that’s exactly how a demon looked like…

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