Why doesn't Miley Cyrus believe in God anymore?

I just want to know if Miley Cyrus still believes in God… And I wrote why doesn’t Miley Cyrus believe in God anymore because I had to start my sentence with who, what, when, where, why, or how

Answer #1

None of us can tell what anyone truly believes. While Ms. Cyrus has a big crossover audience she is a country music entertainer and not being Christian would greatly impact her career. I have no reason to believe that she isn’t a Christian though if she wasn’t it would be a bad business decision to advertise this.

Every celebrity carefully hones their image. The public only knows the product not the person.

Answer #2

im a christian myself and I am very sure miley cyrus still believes in god. in a lot of her pictures she wears a wooden bracelet with pictures of jesus on it, havent you noticed? I’ve also read her book, ‘miles to go’ and its phenominal!

Answer #3

she says she does. but to be honest I dont think she does.

Answer #4

When I see her I will ask. How the heck are we supposed to know? We only know what she choses to put out there in the media.

Answer #5

she does beliven god I’ve got her book

Answer #6

Does it really matter to you wether she does or not?

Answer #7

Yeah I’m pretty sure she does

Answer #8


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