I beleive in God, what do you believe in?

I beleive in God and the Holy Spirit? So What? What do you Believe in?

Answer #1

I agree with emo_bubbles . I believe in science . but I stil no that people believe in religion an I don’t give em sh!t because of it.

Answer #2

He loved me enough to die for me on a cross - He didn’t have to - could have called 10 million angels - but His love for me made Him stay to pay the price for my sin and secure a place for me with Him in eternity, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen !!

Answer #3

Well im not going to preach or anything but god doesnt just show himself you have to study and discover him and then you will be tons more happier cause he has a plan for ya.

Answer #4

yah I believe in God , he cool and hes there 4 me and I know that !

Answer #5

because I want to know what people believe in and its good to understand some other beliefs. And im not saying im going to change or anything but maybe when people dont have something to beleive they can read these answers.

Answer #6

I did but I lost faith… don’t feel bad for me though cause I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything. personally I no longer believe in god. but that’s totally cool if you do.

Answer #7

I don’t believe in God for various reasons that I don’t feel like explaining. What will he do that can ever help? He’s only part of a book, but has he ever shown himself? Science appeals more to me. But that’s only matter of opinion.

Answer #8

In my opinion, heaven doesn’t exist and neither does God or the Holy Spirit. But that’s just me. I respect that you believe in those things but try not to cut down other people if their beliefs are different.

Answer #9

I am an independent person, I prefer to make up my own life as I go, not have someone do it for me (not have “a plan”). Trust me, I would not be happier if I believed in god and don’t try to tell me otherwise. You have stated your opinion once, there is no need to do it again, nor is there reason for you to tell people that they should believe in what you believe in when they are perfectly fine the way they are at the present time. Now, what do I believe in? Just like emo_bubbles and gtr_freak, I believe in scienceand I would never believe otherwise.

Answer #10

I ‘m Agnostic, if I have to label myself. That means that I don’t believe or disbelieve in a God that may or may not exist. I think that’s what ‘Agnostic’ means.

I believe in myself. I don’t need a crutch and I don’t waste my time believing in something that may or may not exist.

I’m not worried about where I’m going when I die because I’m a good person and that should be good enough. I figure if there is a God and he’s a good God, then I should go to some nice place.

But if there is a God and he puts stipulations (a condition, demand) on everything and says stuff like…

‘It doesn’t matter if you are a good person. You have to accept me as your savior’

then, I wouldn’t want to go to his place anyway.

BTW, I don’t care what other people believe.

Answer #11

well first off im not cutting people down and secondly I respect peoples beleives and I like to hear about them and you also have to respect mine and I respect urs. But only if I can convince you that god exists then you will have an even better life than you do now. I know cause I’ve expeirienced the holy spirit cleansing me.

Answer #12

I dont understand why so many people question my believes when at least I have a savior and I know where im going when I die.

Answer #13

I do to and good for you

Answer #14

science isnt going to get you to heaven. Lets just say that.

Answer #15

I believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. . .

Answer #16

I believe in my father, my son, and Space Ghost (coast to coast).

Answer #17

Well, I believe in god also, and the holy spirit myself. So, what’s your point in this question?

Answer #18

yea I beleive in god, and that jesus is my savior

Answer #19

I used to believe in god, but also used to believe in santa, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy.

Then I grew up.

Answer #20

I dont belive in god

Answer #21

“I dont understand why so many people question my believes when at least I have a savior and I know where im going when I die” probably because you dont understand or accept other people who believe in things entirely different to you, or who dont beleive in anything at all. just because someone doesnt beleive in anything, does in no way mean there not living a good life

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