Why do we die?

Whats the point in living if wer’e going to die?

once again this question was asked to me earlier and I could not answer;;

please help - Melody

Answer #1

ill answer the question why we die first then go spiritual on you when you eat food it is broken down into compounds then the compounds get broken down into particles and when cells get damaged or die the release some of these particles some are harmless others (free radicals) travel the distance and are able to damage DNA then the damaged information (DNA) is replicated and spreads and this causes aging and eventually you die from this (this is also why we have cancers and this is also the cause of skin cancer when photons (light particles) bombard your skin they sometimes hit DNA and damage it and it becomes unproductive (cancer)) so in theory some could live for ever if they some how could keep free radical particles from damaging DNA or was some how able to evolve to automatically remove cells containing damaged DNA but the point of living (spiritual) is to find the truth in my book to know and personal truth but its your choice to make what ever you want with your life and make that your purpose in life but try to make it something positive (not drugs ) what I like to do a lot is experience ( the knowing of feeling ) its quite fun

Answer #2

imagine if none of us dies… the world will get full… then where else can we live?? besides, people don’t just die… they either go to HELL, or Heaven :P after they die, lolz it’s a cycle I guess… poeple live poeple die… people live people die…

Answer #3

Why live if we’re only going to die?

Thats like asking, why go on holiday if it’s only going to last two weeksa? Why have children if they’re only going to grow up and not be children any more? Why eat that dilicious meal if it’ll be gone once you’ve eaten it?

As indeviduals we only have a certain amount of time to live, but that makes our lives even more precious, and it makes it even more important that as societies we try to make the world a place were everyone has the oppertunity to make the most of their lives. Any species has to have a finite life span, or there would be no room for the next generations. As indeviduals we die, but we contribute for good or bad to the ongoing life and survival of the human race:)

Answer #4

Whats the point in living if wer’e going to die? well to answre that first you need to realsie why theres no point in living forever no one wants to be arounf to witness everything and everyone they love die and no one wanst to be aropund when humans inevitablly kill each other and destroy the world we live in and everything in it also if we dont die, other animals wont get a chance to survive through evolution our polution and crap we do would kill every animals and everytree which would kill us because trees regulate the air we breath now, why do we die? so we can enjoy the life we have, and to allow evolution to go on the main reason why were here is to reproduce and carry on the survival of our species if a species doesnt work out well, it soon becaomes extinct or dies out humans are no exeption and our body cant live forever anyway, everything living will die when its time is up some people end up dying a lot sooner but eventually we all die,as do all the animals, plants, ect so new ones and more evolved species can be on top of the food chain again

Answer #5

Life and death are two sides of the same thing - an unending cycle.

As to why? Look, you eat, even though you’re know you’re going to be hungry again, right? That’s natural.

And we live, even though we know we’re going to die someday. That too is natural.

Answer #6

I think death makes you appreciate your life more, like you know your not gonna be alive forever so it makes you go for what you want while you can. Also seeing loved ones in your life die makes you appreciate all the good things, its like without bad things we wouldnt know good things were good its the same concept without death we wouldnt know life was worth anything, anyways thats what I think. Plus if we didnt die the world would be MAJORLY over populated.

Answer #7

the point is- we only get one chance to live in this lifetime, in this incarnation, so do you want to hide away and be suppressed by someone elses religious beliefs that they tell you are true? or do you want to experience almost everything you can while you are here before you die.

I choose to not be suppressed- learn with my own mind, see with my own eyes, be free and experience as much as I possibly can. that is the point in living when we know we are going to die one day.

Answer #8

S*hit happens… lol jk, Its just what happens, if no one ever died, the earth would flood with people!

Answer #9

Its just the circle of life: your born, you live, you die. Its just the way things are.

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