How is it against God's will to say "Cross my heart, hope to die"?

my friend says that it is not good to say “cross my heart, hope to die” when promising someone something. I dont think it is, because it is not swearing, but is it? I am very confused. I said it when she was telling me a secret, and I said “cross my heart, hope to die” and she said not to say it because it is against christian religion.

Answer #1

“cross my heart, hope to die” you hope to die if you break your promise What happens if you make a promise in which you later find out you cannot keep? Perhaps that’s why she says that.

Answer #2

I think it is because it is believed that if you say that and break your promise that you are setting yourself up to die, because you in fact made a promise to your god.

Answer #3

My only guess would be the hope to die part, slightly on the lines of suicide. Unless of course the cross bit has some biblical reference, a quick search online hints that the crossing part is based on the catholic faith. But I don’t see how involving God in an important part of your life is against Gods will.

Answer #4

You should ask her to elaborate. I’m quite curious to see how that is at all sacrilegious! When she tells you, be sure to post her answer!

Answer #5

I think your friend is being a bit silly and superstitious.

Answer #6

well I dont think its a good thing to say hope to die.

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