I heard the world is “ending” in 2012, do you believe so?

Answer #1

aging the world wont end in 2012 its only the roll over of the myan calender. thats it. there are hundres treads on this question on this section

Answer #2

It’s called Superstition.

Answer #3

Superstition, meaning what?

Answer #4

no.. Only GOD knows, things will happen according to GOD’s plan. Certainly I do not have rights to tell anybody that world will ends.

Answer #5

according to dictionary, superstition is an irrational beliefs arising from ignorance or fear.

Answer #6

Absolutely no!! we back in year 2000, the people believe that world ends in that time, some are went to mountain, into cave, etc. because they believe that they will be save it they does. After that, nothing happened the world still here, and life continuous.

Answer #7

Thats good to know.

Answer #8

Do you believe it will, ermical?

Answer #9

why would it end?

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