what day did jesus die?

forgive me for being not very educated on the matter, but I read somewhere that JW celebrates the death of jesus because thats what he said he wanted ta the last supper or something. Well, when did he die? Isnt that easter?

Answer #1

Ahhh got it. Thanks. xx

Answer #2

Good Friday I the day he died and Easter is the day he came back

Answer #3

The last supper is the last meal that he had with his 12 disciples, before he was crucified. It was there, that Judas, was revealed as the one that was to betray Jesus. And Jesus taught us to remember him, thru a continued act of the Last Supper, or Holy Communion as it is sometimes called. He said, we ( the believers) are to remember him, until he returns, in this fashion. The bread that we break represents his body broken for our sins, and the wine or grapejuice that we drink, represents his blood spilled for the remission of our sins. Christians consider it a very sacred ritual.

Answer #4

The Bible does NOT say when he died. But as for Easter, it was originally Ostria, holiday to celebrate the fertility Goddess & the union of the make & female. Ever wonder how the coloring of eggs or the “Easter Bunny” became involved with the rising of Christ? Well now you know. They were symbols of fertility & the make & female aspects. The Christians took over the pagan holidays in hopes that people would convert.

Answer #5

Nisan 14th, according to the hebrew calendar wich was used then in Palestina, and according to the Bible it was at the first full moon of the spring of 33 C.E., a date that could be calculated every year everywhere and no matter what calendar you use.

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