Why do people treat me different because of my disability?

welli have a hearing disability and im wondering why dont people give me a chance to prove that im a really nice outgoing all around good person? and why do they judge me and treat me differently if im no different than anyone else?

Answer #1

Well ignore them, there is always going to be those cainda people, I’ve seen it happend and it wont make a difrence to them whever they know what it is or not. Just ignore it and keep with the people who don’t judge you, because in this world theres always going to be the people who judge you and those who will look passed your difrences.

Answer #2

it might be because they don’t understand your disability so want to avoid you. or it might be that they are just plain ignorant and don’t wanna give you a chance. just try talking to someone and once they see what type of person you are more people will wanna talk to you :)

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