Why do people feel always sorry for me just because im disabled?

why do people always feel sorry for me just because I am disabled. I have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy makes me walk different like you can tell there is something wrong with me. But other than that I am like any other teenager. I can tell that some people treat me nicely and they hold things back from me because they think they will hurt my feelings or something and I want to know why they do that. It really doesn't make sense to me . Can somebody please explain to me why they do this?

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they dont understand that what you have is not that different from what they have. They think that if your the least bit differnet your whole life is not as good as theres. you need to tell them that them feeling bad for you is hurting you rather than helping.

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They probly do because they think that your different when you can do just about what everyone else can If you want them to treat you narmally speak up you know hat im saying?

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Teenagers are usually judgemental about everything . Im 15 and I am . I wont even lie . But I think its because usually when they make fun of someone , its for no reason at all . And then if theres someone who really has something wrong with them , they feel really bad , and will be extra nice because they dont want to be mean . Thats how I see it .

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I am also handicapped.I have schizencephaly and a cyst on the right side of the brain.Sometimes I'm very depressed about it.

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don't worry bout what people do or say... God made you th way he want to

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Its only that they care about you Maybe if you werent disabled yhey would still care

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I work with disabled people and I can tell you its mainly because they dont know how to feel and how to express their feelings.

I have been sitting in waiting rooms or in doctor's offices and have people say "Oh that poor thing!" And I tell them not to feel sorry for them! My guys have GREAT lives! Sometimes I wish I could change places with them! LOL! And trust me, they are much worse off than you.

Of my 5 guys I have

One with Downs and possible Autism, non verbal, Mental Retardation.
One with Downs, Alzheimer's, Mental Retardation.
One with Autism, non verbal, Mental Retardation.
One with Cerebral Palsy, non verbal, Mental Retardation, cross eyed, renal vein thrombosis at birth with the loss of one kidney.
One with basic Mental Retardation, also non verbal.

None of them will ever live alone or be able to function without help. But they have a GREAT life! We take them out into the community repeatedly through the week. They go to schools and day programs. They even have a club they go to on Friday nights. They have everything they need and dress better than I do! Some of them even have more money than I do! LOL!

But its just that people are afraid of what they dont understand and they dont know how to express themselves.

Dont take their pity. Tell them you want understanding and acceptance. You dont need them to look down on you.

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Oh, ouch. I have mild CP myself and I walk with a limp. I've lived with it all my life so I have never noticed it. Other people do notice it, though, and they feel bad for you because they have an ability we don't. When someone says, "Oh, you poor pitiful creature" to you, just explain to them that you really don't care whether you can run/write/walk/speak like they can. You've lived that way for all of your life, you don't know what you're missing, and frankly, you don't really care. That's my attitude about it. If you DO care, get therapy and try to realize that it doesn't matter if you can't do some things. For you, from your perspective, the things that you can and cannot do are NORMAL for you because you've never known anything different.

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OK I'll make this easy I have CP myself. People are afraid of "different" my fiancee got a "courage award" for just showing up to school ( if you dont wouldnt you get kicked out? lol) she was viewed as some kind of "hero" for just existing.. I dont get it either.. Normal people are ignorant for the most part just teach where you can and good luck

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