Do people of Wales speak a different language?

I was doin some good ol’ research on Wales, and realised that their way of spelling words is slightly different to English, and if said out loud, slightly sounds like gibberish. So, is it still English?

Answer #1

Yes. My Father is welsh~

Answer #2

Yes they speak a different language to english :)

Answer #3

Wales is bilingual, the Welsh and English are the two official languages of Wales.

Answer #4

may i ask what bilingual is?

Answer #5

bilingual stands for two languages.

Answer #6

well, i feel silly. Might i add, very, extreemly silly. thanks though.

Answer #7

and now i feel even more stupid. considering i spelt the word ‘extremely’ wrong. sigh

Answer #8

I agree with Matthew and in Welsh Wales is Cymru and there motto is Cymru am byth meaning Wales forever.

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