Why do people act different on a full moon?

I was in a cra with my friend and her mom at night, and when I looked out the window i couldn’t help but mention the full moon, it was so pretty. Her mom said she was glad she wants at work, we asked her why and she said it was people people act diffrent on ful moons (she works with mentily ill and dissabled old people). She couldnt explain to us why people act diffrent. So i was just wondering if any one else could

Answer #1

Some people do, it is supposidly caused by the pull of the moon, it has a stronger pull when its a full moon

Answer #2

Alot of people think te full moon and special powers and when people believe that, there body reacts to what there brain is telling them. It’s all in peoples head. It’s not true unless you believe it is. It’s not much of an answer but I hope it helps :)

Answer #3

Nothing happens people just say that so its all in their heads. :)

Answer #4

Full moon? I have no idea. However, whether can easily change moods because of air pressure.

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